They Live Again!

Just in time for the Halloween season, we rise again to harry the living with quality audio content!

Looking over previous posts and episode descriptions, it becomes painfully evident that we haven’t been exactly consistent with this little endeavor of ours. There are, of course, several perfectly valid reasons for this, but at the end of the day all it amounts to is an audience left without a podcast to keep them warm on a brisk autumn eve. Or… Something like that.

Thankfully, Chris is back stateside for the foreseeable future, which means we have all the good intentions of picking this thing back up. As we mention in the forthcoming episode of the show, the idea (at least initially) is to have a new episode out and into your RSS feed every other week. We’ve also decided to slim it down to somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 – 45 minutes.

Last, but perhaps most important, is the format change. The show has evolved over the last 19 episodes, and numero 20 marks another large shift. Keeping more in line with the spirit of the show’s name, we’ll be focusing on one retro gaming topic per episode, be it a console, specific title, or notable person in the industry. We’ll provide a brief history of the topic, our favorite aspects of it, and how it relates to today’s gamer.

We think this will be a solid format going forward, and we hope you will as well.

In addition, we’re contemplating expanding our reach with some Twitch streams of the games we discuss, uploading podcast episodes to Youtube, and perhaps even a podcast Discord channel. So, keep your eyes peeled for new developments, and here’s to more Retro Hangover in the coming months.

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