RHP, Episode 100 – Ask Us Anything!

Holy pixels, Batman: we made it to episode 100! As far as totally arbitrary milestones go, this is a huge one for us, so we’re celebrating by doing something a bit different and answering any and all questions submitted by you, our wonderful listeners!

RHP, Episode 93 – Virtual Boy: Seeing Red

Nintendo has gained a bit of a reputation over the years for taking chances on what some might consider to be “gimmicks.” Sometimes these pay off (see: the Wii) and sometimes they do not (see: this episode). Hunch over a table and smash your eyeholes into the viewfinder, ’cause we’re talking about the Virtual Boy!

RHP, Episode 91 – Superman 64: A Dumpster Full of Kryptonite

At this point, we’re convinced our Patrons are colluding to kill us slowly via exposure to terrible games. The quarterly PatronPoll results are in, the people have spoken, and they have chosen pain. Put on your black-rimmed glasses and join us as we recount our time spent “playing” Superman: The New Superman Adventures for the…