RHP, Episode 41 – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Greetings, true believers! This episode, Chris & Shane discuss the pre-MCU beat-’em-up action RPG Marvel: Ultimate Alliance! Excelsior! Important note: we at RHP are dedicated to the betterment of the gaming community. It has recently come to light that G2A, who we have had a brief affiliate relationship with, has been engaging in unsavory business…

RHP, Episode 38 – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

This week’s episode takes us into a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for the Nintendo 64 and Windows platforms! Is the Battle for Hoth the only good part of the game? Do platforming sections belong in third-person 3D games? Listen in and find out!

RHP, Episode 37 – We Built This (Sim)City

We reticulate all the splines this week, to talk about the one and only SimCity franchise! Join your favorite podcast hosts as they chat about Wil Wright’s simulation legacy, with a spicy peppering of scuttlebutt about the recent indiscretions of a certain YouTuber.