RHP, Episode 106 – Interview with Mega Cat Studios

We are super psyched to put this one out there for you beautiful people. We had the opportunity to sit down with Andy from Mega Cat Studios and chat about the most excellent work they do developing and releasing original titles for retro systems like the NES and Genesis, along with the myriad other projects…

RHP, Episode 103 – Tomb Raider: Literally Tank Girl

Get it, ’cause she’s got tank controls? Whatever, our moms think we’re funny. Anyway, this year marks the 25th anniversary of Ms. Croft’s inaugural spelunking spectacular, so we thought: what better time to delve back into this early 3D adventure and see how its held up?

RHP, Episode 100 – Ask Us Anything!

Holy pixels, Batman: we made it to episode 100! As far as totally arbitrary milestones go, this is a huge one for us, so we’re celebrating by doing something a bit different and answering any and all questions submitted by you, our wonderful listeners!