RHP, Episode 83 – PatronPoll: Our Top 5 Games of All Time

The latest Patron-selected episode topic is here, and marks the very first to be chosen by popular vote! Shaking up the usual show format a bit, we take turns counting down our top 5 retro games of all time. If you’d like to participate in the next quarterly PatronPoll, consider heading to gorpfans.com and donating…

RHP, Episode 80 – Halo: Dust & Echoes (ft. Patrick Hickey Jr.)

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the seminal Xbox FPS Halo: Combat Evolved! To help us with our retrospective, we’re joined by very special guest Patrick Hickey Jr., author of the excellent book series The Minds Behind the Games. So hop into our Warthog, nerds, ’cause we’re goin’ Covenant-killin’!

RHP, Episode 78 – The History of D&D Video Games

The latest Patron-selected episode topic is here! Deviating a bit from the usual show format, we roll a History check to provide a comprehensive look at Dungeons & Dragons video games through the years, all the way from its humble beginnings in 1974 to present day!